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A Great Property, an Exceptional Value

Bay Ridge condos

If you simply must have a lake or bay view – and are comfortable with the price tag of a waterfront property – Bay Ridge is probably not your place. But, other than the water view, we have what is arguably the prettiest residential site in the Peninsula, a park-like setting of our own, with a golf course providing the visual backdrop.


Plus, you only have to walk a minute or two, or drive less than five minutes, to take in all the water view your eyes can handle.


What else can we tell you about Bay Ridge Condos? Allow us to answer some of the questions we are frequently asked.


How many units are there at Bay Ridge?

There are 47 – eight units in each of five buildings and seven units in the sixth building.


Are all Bay Ridge Condos units the same?

They’re similar but not identical. There is one upper-and-lower unit and the rest are single-level – either ground level or second level. All single-level units have two bedrooms and most have two bathrooms. Upper units have decks; lower units have patios. Everyone has in-unit laundry and a lovely fieldstone fireplace (ideal for those cooler days and nights). Many units have air conditioning and garages.


Who owns the units at Bay Ridge?

Bay Ridge is a community of individual unit owners, most hailing from Wisconsin or one of our neighboring states. Some have owned since the first buildings were opened. Others are new owners. Some of our owners have families still in school; others have grown children and grandchildren; still others are couples or individuals without children. We like the diversity. It contributes to the neighborhood feel of the place.


Who makes the operational decisions at Bay Ridge?

Bay Ridge owners belong to a nonprofit homeowners’ association, from which a board of directors is elected at our annual meeting in August. Regular newsletters help keep all owners informed of key issues (as well as fun activities, like our neighborhood pool parties).


What are your key amenities?

To name a few: Expansive landscaped grounds. Pool and hot tub. Tennis court. Municipal sewer and water. High-definition cable TV. Complex-wide WiFi.


What is covered by the Bay Ridge condo fees?

Our quarterly fees are comprehensive and cover year-to-year operational expenses, as well as reserves that are budgeted toward ongoing maintenance and long-term improvements.


Specifically, our fees include building maintenance (exterior painting and roof replacement, on a regular schedule), common area maintenance, lawn care and landscaping, snow removal, pool and hot tub operation and maintenance, tennis court, parking lot repair and replacement, cable TV, WiFi, municipal sewer and water, insurance, common-use electricity (for basement heaters, outdoor lighting, etc.), and trash and recycling services.


Garage owners pay a little extra every quarter to maintain those buildings.


How often do units at Bay Ridge come on the market?

With 47 units, there’s likely to be one or more offered for sale at any given time. 


Are Bay Ridge units available for rent?

There is no “rental office” at Bay Ridge, but owners have the option of renting out their units, subject to a two-week minimum. In practice, however, there is little rental activity at Bay Ridge. Most units are occupied during the summer with residents, family and guests. Occupancy is lower at other times of the year, though the buildings and grounds are all-season; many residents use their Bay Ridge homes for fall, winter and spring weekend getaways.


Whom do I contact for more information?

Just email us at any time:

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