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A Treat for Your Eyes — and Your Other Senses, Too

Bay Ridge condos

Gaze out your window at the sweeping vista that is Bay Ridge, and you sometimes feel you’d never want to leave the premises. But then you’d be missing so much that the rest of Door County has to offer.



Great dining. Shops and galleries. Theater and music. Bustling marinas and beaches on the one hand; quiet lakes and streams on the other. The most state parks (five) of any county in Wisconsin, plus 19 county parks.


Eleven golf courses, including our neighbor. Cherries, apples and all manner of other home-grown produce. We even have seven locally based wineries.



And, lest we forget, those of us blessed to be on the Green Bay side of the Door Peninsula boast some of the best over-water sunsets the world has to offer. Check them out at the Sister Bay marina, Ephraim’s Eagle Harbor, right across the road at Little Sister Bay – or any number of other great vantage points.



We could go on and on. Better yet, follow the links below to learn more.

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